Drought and Goverment response to it

Drought and Government response to it
After two years of consecutive drought in the country. At least 300 million people are affected by the drought. Shortage of drinking water is only one of the many problems, water scarcity has also affected crops,fodder for animals and has cut down on both farmer’s livelihood and wage incomes of rural labours. The rural distress also drag down the entire economy because of the dip in rural sector.
Maharashtra, among one of the 10 severely affected state in the country, is in the situation of acute drought,even though the state has the largest number of dams. From a decade Maharastra government has been spending a lot of money in building dams, over 1,845 dams are there in the state. People in district like Marathwada, lathur, hingoli,beed,jalna, parbhani and more are impacted under the drought. Maharastra, home to 205 sugar cooperatives, a crop that requires a maximum amount of water is grown highest in the state after UP.
Consuming 71% of the total water used in the state for irrigation, Maharashtra is facing water crises.
Drought in Maharashtra is something that has been created by the man, and government response to it is cynical and irresponsible. Nearly 70,000 crore has been spend by the Maharastra government on irrigation scheme in a decade, Whose result seems invisible. This is not the first time when Maharastra is facing such a crises. Because of which Maharastra has its water development and management act 2009. Scheme like MANREGA,Crop insurance whose reality on ground is a complete mockery. These problems are not just restricted to Maharastra, states like Odissa, Telengana, karnataka are also in the grip of drought. Water availability in India’s 91 reservoirs is at its lowest in a decade, with storage at a paltry 29% of their total capacity, according to Central Water Commission. If not now when will the government take these problems seriously ?

ridhima gupta